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 +====== The Escott Institute ======
 +The most prestigious center of learning and scientific studies in the Old Frontiers. Originally an economic institute, the school gradually branched out into other areas, particularly the various sciences.
 +Today, the Institute'​s main focus is on xenology and planetology,​ studying the various lifeforms and planetary phenomena in the Old Frontiers, as well as on xenoarchaeology--particularly the Precursors. The Institute also has a fine school of criminology,​ from which a number of Patrol leaders have graduated. The most acclaimed achievement of the Escott Institute in recent years, however, was the final publication of its 14-gigabyte Escott Encyclopedia of Universal Knowledge, believed to be the most extensive source of general knowledge available in the Old Frontiers, outside of the archives of the planet Byte. A copy of the EEUK (pronounced,​ unfortunately,​ e-yuk) sells for $25,000, and gives +4 to any Research roll on anything to do with this sector.
 +The institute is located on Pleroo.